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"Personal" is the most convenient way to start a blog for personal, health, sports, business and other blog niches. With One Click install you can install any of 9+ styles of Blog with 30+ options to set up a blog in the shortest period of time.


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Home Personal Blog

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Video & Soundcloud Demos

Video Layout 1

Video Layout 2

Video layout 3

Video Layout 4

Soundcloud Layout

CV & Magazine Demos

Personal CV Blog

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Special Features

Full Pic Background

Apply any picture in the background of your blog and you can make Left, Right or No sidebar layout easily through the backend.

Sticky HeaderLayout

Any header style can be made Sticky through One Click in Theme Options. The responsive version of all the Sticky headers is also provided in the theme.

Boxed Layout

Select a Boxed or Wide layout from the backend to make a perfect and biffiting blog and you can apply this feature on any of the 30+ layouts.

Install with JUST 1 click

Along with other fabulous features, Personal has got the ability to be used with just one click. Install any of the 9+ amazing homepages with 30+ options through One Click Installer. Also we have a cooperative support team to get you out any trouble which you face after buying it.

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Header Styles

Simple Header with Social Media Icons

Simple Header with Social Media Icons 2

Simple Header with Ads Management

Dark Header with Middle Logo

Simple Header with Text Logo (Adjustable)

We will not Stop (Coming Soon)

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Outstanding Features of "Personal"

  • Responsive Layout

    A Responsive online blog website can attract more readers as the users of mobile phones and tablets are increasing with every passing day. "Personal" perfectly fits in any small or large screen.

  • 500+ Google Fonts

    Google Fonts are the best fonts in online industry which are free as well as stylish. Through "Personal" you can select any of the 500+ fonts to be applied on any section of the theme.

  • FontAwesome Icons

    Font Awesome Icons are the Web Icons which are Responsive and Retina Ready. These icons can fit to any screen size whether big or small. The latest 4.1 version has been applied in this theme.

  • SEO Optimized

    For the sake of search engine optimization, proper use of H1, H2 and H3 tags has been made proper and effective in this theme. Also every page has been verified by W3 Checker which helps you grab good ‘Page Rank’ on every search engine.

  • Boxed & Wide Layout

    "Personal" provides an option to its users to select Boxed Layout or Wide Layout from the Admin Panel. A predefined background pattern can be selected from the Admin Panel or a new pattern can also be uploaded.

  • Advanced Admin Panel

    Tons of theme options are given to make any type of change in your theme easy and quick. "Personal" has made the process of building an online blog very convenient and time saving. We are committed to give highly flexible product.

  • Highly Flexible

    "Personal" is highly flexible and, for this purpose, hundreds of options are given in every shortcode of the theme. You will get an unlimited freedom to design your blog after purchasing this wonderful theme.

  • Well-Written + Proffesional Coding

    Unlike other Blog themes in which code glitches make your server lazy and lethargic, "Personal" is coded by high-class professionals, with a commitment to give you fast and easy-to-load website.

  • Unlimited Color Scheme

    In "Personal" premium blogging theme, there is an option for applying any color on your website. From Color Picker, you can define and apply a new charming color to the entire theme with only one click!

  • Create Unlimited Sidebar

    Easily register sidebars for different pages through a sidebar creator in Admin Panel and then show different sidebar on any page or post. This way more and more items can be explored by the buyer.

  • Demo Files Included

    Easily create sidebars for different pages through a sidebar creator in Admin Panel. Show different sidebars on any page or post. This way more and more items can be explored by the buyer.

  • Complete and Detailed Documentation

    To facilitate the Webmasters a detailed documentation is included in the theme. This pictorial Document helps you find out the solutions of your problems and basic techniques to built an online blog.

  • Free Installation Services

    We have professionally skilled and dedicated workers in our Support Team. As a part of our commitment to the clients, we provide free-of-cost installation services not only for WordPress but also for the theme and plugins.

  • Adsense Management

    The theme includes modern features for the better and advanced AdSense management. Spaces have been left at important points on the Homepages, single and category pages to display the ads of different kinds and sizes

  • 5 Header Style

    Five unique and catchy Header styles have been included in the package. To beautify the outlook of your site in your own way, you can choose any of these awesome styles and apply it on the web pages.

  • Gallery Management

    An innovatively designed Gallery section is provided in the theme. Here you can manage your Gallery in an easy and attractive way. It also offers support for videos.

  • Page Backgrounds

    The page backgrounds will significantly contribute to the beauty of posts and project as a whole. You can apply images to the background to make the foreground look far more attractive.

  • Custom Sidebars

    Sidebars are provided in the theme where you can apply widgets and other features of your own choice. A few clicks and simple drags & drops will be enough to get a fully featured sidebar.

  • Advance Theme Option

    The provision of advanced theme options means you will be enjoying a lot of ease while customizing the project. You can also save time as complex tasks will be accomplished within seconds.

  • Slider Revolution

    Slider Revolution is one of the most popular and widely used slideshow creation tools. You can create awesome multi-layered slides and being offered free, it will also save you $18.

Category Page Features

  • Category Page with List view

    Category page is one of the most important pages in any blog, here we have made a "Category Page Template" in List view to show the post of that category.

  • Category Page in Grid View

    Not only in List View, the Category Page in your blog can be set in Grid View from the backend, according to the niche of blog, you are working on.

  • Page in Home Fancy Style

    With a simple yet catchy look, this page has a minimalist design featuring a sidebar to the right. The posts feature videos with brief textual description and “Read More” button below. Besides the widgets of Instagram, social media icons and tags, there is also a search bar option.

  • Post in Home Detailed

    Search bar, social sharing, categories widget and tags are given in the sidebar to the left while, to the right, posts contain images with title and texts placed side to side. Read More button will lead the visitor to a Single Post page with detailed view.

  • Page in Home Personal

    The posts contain a larger more prominent image with brief textual description below. Social media icons are also present, while the sidebar to the right contains many advanced widgets like Carousel, Tabber, Tags, Contact Info and Single Image, etc.

  • Page in Home Fashion

    Giving an inspiring outlook, two columns of the 3-column division are reserved for equally sized posts. The sidebar is also provided with many useful widgets. The big posts images are embellished with cool animations. Description and social icons are also there.

  • Category Page in (Gallery)

    In this innovative category page version, you will find larger posts sections with images in this style. The sidebar widgets, including search bar, are also present. As you click on the image, the newly appearing page also contains carousel “Comments Submission” section.

  • Page in Home Social Sharing

    Its uniqueness among other category pages appears in the form of pagination and a catchy thumbnail slider. The posts images are exceedingly large with no description but a title on the top. You will also find two differently sized sections for video support.

  • Page Home Minimal Blog

    The videos and image supporting sections have social icons attached to them beautifully. The video sections are smaller but images are comparatively large. Sidebar marks its presence to the right with useful widgets and the option of search bar featured therein.

  • Category Page in (Video) Author

    Unique in its own way, this especially-featured gallery style has posts with large prominent images. Below both the video and image supporting posts, you will find title, text, tags and a small section contains the options of small oval image, title, date and time.

Audio & Video Integration

  • Embed Youtube, Vimeo Video Single Post

    In Single Post a video from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or any other Social Media Video Sharing website can be featured with the help of embed code. Also a main page with Video gallery can be easily made.

  • Embed SoundCloud in Single Post

    SoundCloud is the largest Audio music library in the world, through "Personal", you can embed the code of any track from this library in any Post, this media can also be made featured on the Homepage.

  • Vimeo Video Integration

    With the built-in Vimeo video integration facility, you need not be uploading the video clips on your site but just fetch them from Vimeo and play on your own platform. it will be playable for the users of your website with a click.

Single post Options

  • Single Post with Quote

    In Single Post, you can display the quotes, comments and statements of the users of your website or quotes of popular personalities in an elegant way.

  • Single Post Gallery

    This Single Post style is provided with an impressive gallery section. It lets you display more than one images related to that particular post. All the other essential features are also provided.

  • Simple Single Post

    The single page layout with a dominating picture section is one of the very useful page versions for the developers. The clear and elegant graphics and fine contrast make the text easily readable. Here you will also find social media icons, pleasant animations, sidebar and all other essential things.

  • Single Post Picture

    The single page layout with a dominating picture section is one of the very useful page versions for the developers. The clear and elegant graphics and fine contrast make the text easily readable. Here you will also find social media icons, pleasant animations, sidebar and all other essential things.

Featured Area Options

  • Featured Area with Carousal Modern

    Carousel sections are also featured on different Homepages of the theme. The posts in the Owl Carousel sections have been rendered with a modern, creative outlook.

  • Featured Area with Modern Carousal Thumb

    In one of the Featured Areas styles, "Personal" offers the blog setter to make featured area with "Carousel with Thumb" which fetches posts from any selected category.

  • Features Area with Blogger Info

    This Featured Area is provided with a parallax section and can be displayed either on the top or bottom of the header as it may appeal to your taste. However, by default, it is present above the Header section. Here you can feature image of the blogger, their name, brief description and a “Contact Me” button.

  • Features Area with Slider Revolution

    In this innovatively designed Featured Area, you can display posts in multilayered slides that can be created within seconds. The fascinating transition effects will add to the charm of the images. Here you can also display videos, text items, buttons and tags as per your requirement. For navigation, there are buttons both on the sideways and at the bottom.

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